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automatic boarding and packaging machines for hosiery sales network

Tecnopea S.r.l. is a manufacturer of automatic boarding and packaging machines for hosiery and seamless garments, which are successfully sold all over the world.


The company ranks among Italy’s leading manufacturers and has also gained a strong foothold in international markets.

Tecnopea boarding and packaging machines, with pressurized steam, electric presses and hot air tunnel version, have become a benchmark across world markets.


Supported by an extensive sales network, Tecnopea offers an efficient customer care service throughout Italy and abroad.


A team of highly skilled personnel makes Tecnopea a reliable supplier of top quality machines  and cutting-edge technology to meet any customer needs and provide optimal solutions anywhere in the world. 


Customer satisfaction and prompt, accurate after-sales service are two fundamental elements of Tecnopea’s corporate mission and values.


Tecnopea is now ready to face the challenge of the global industrial automation market by offering boarding and packing machines that are always abreast of the requirements of a continually evolving world market.

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