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boarding machines production and ironing machines production.

The range of Tecnopea products includes boarding machines for men’s, ladies’ and children’s socks and seamless garments, featuring compact design and energy-saving in terms of low electricity and steam consumption.

Market developments in recent years have entailed an increased demand for automated packing solutions in order to cut production costs and create product standards.

The best technologies adopted and the use of top quality materials enable Tecnopea to offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. 

The corporate mission focuses on ongoing monitoring of the market to allow Tecnopea to design and develop bespoke solutions to customers’ specifications.  


Tecnopea boarding machines come in 4 versions:  

-      with electric presses

-      with an electric press and hot air tunnel

-      with pressurized steam and drying tunnel

-      with pressurized steam, electric press and drying tunnel.


Tecnopea packaging solutions range from simple semi-automatic work stations to complex integrated processing stations, scaled according to specific production requirements, output and work flexibility. 

Tecnopea offers modular operating units that can be either operated autonomously or installed in line with other machines to form an integrated custom-made process.