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Automatic module for the preparation of socks to the subsequent packaging operations.

Socks handling system

Manual preparation of socks, after the boarding process, has always been considered complicated and expensive for all Companies who are asked to supply packages with multiple products combinations.

Tecnopea Folding & Stacking module brings the automation inside this step of the packaging process thanks to the possibility to select and store folding, orienting and stacking sequences of socks creating stacks with a different setting for each pair.

A great flexibility to customize the packages according to the market requests.

The presentation of each pair is set by selecting the appropriate icons shown on the display in the desired sequence, for each stack.

Each bundle configuration can be stored for subsequent uses and, the electronic functions monitoring, allows the sequence not to be interrupted even in the event of a pair manually removed from the folding device, resuming it exactly from the point where it was interrupted.

The output belt can be easily connected to a module for packaging in envelopes or bands.



• Loading station with references for positioning;

• Folding device;

• Flipping system;

• Stacking device;

• Preparation for single or double stack;

• Exit belt to the next packaging module;

• High productivity;

• Flexibility;

• Compact size;

• Multiple packaging options;

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