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Steam boarding machine for socks with very low energy consumption and high productivity.

Automatic steam boarding machine with 56 forms for socks.

Loading of products can be operated by 2 persons.

The boarding forms are divided into 4 groups of 14 pieces, on each group forms are placed side by side before entering the steam chamber and subsequently in the drying tunnel.


Steam dwell time at maximum speed up to 15 seconds.

A long dwell time inside the steam chamber allows a very high level of finishing quality.

The chamber, fitted on the machine frame, has been reduced to the minimum in terms of weight, volume and steam consumption.

The drying tunnel, containing 2 groups of 14 forms, is heated by a very high efficiency steam radiator to reach high temperatures, with a very low steam consumption. 

This allows a perfect drying of socks and a very high productivity of 1,200 pairs/ hour.

A clamps stripping device, driven by a brushless motor, removes socks from the boarding forms and stack them on a collating belt.

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