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Fastening device to apply cardboard riders and tags on textile products.


The new device patented by Tecnopea is equipped with a revolving automatic loader for the fastener cartridges, to guarantee a longer autonomy of operation required on the automatic packaging lines.

Equipped with a thin needle it minimizes the possibility of damaging the fibers especially in light products.

The new filament feeding system allows the use of cartridges from different manufacturers.





• High productivity;

• Revolving magazine to load 8 cartridges with 100 filaments each;

• Filaments depletion control system;

• Cartridges depletion control system;

• Alarms due to malfunction;

• Possibility to use fasteners from different manufacturers;

• Also available without revolving magazine;


TECNOPEA S.R.L. It reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the features of the machines shown on this site.