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Low energy consumption automatic steam boarding machine with high productivity.

Automatic steam boarding machine for men, women and children socks.

Direct loading of products on boarding forms by 1 or 2 operators allows the processing of a very wide range of styles and a very high productivity.

The machine has a stripping device with clamps driven by a “brushless” motor and with a programmable stacking system that allows the simultaneous stripping of 2 socks.

28 boarding forms with patented profile and made up of special aluminium allow to process any type of fibre.

The machine cycle provides the movement of 2 forms at the time with a longer processing time and a considerable quality improvement of products.

 The drying tunnel, perfectly insulated and  containing 10 forms, is heated by means of a steam radiator with a very low energy consumption.

A long drying time assure a high quality boarding and a  very high productivity of 1.200 pairs/hour.



• Special forms on Customer’s specifications;

• Electric press;


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