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Boarding machine for socks with steam chamber and hot air.

Boarding machine for men, women, children socks and knee-highs with very low energy consumption and high productivity.

 Direct loading of products on boarding forms by  2 operators allows the processing of a very wide range of products and a very high productivity.

Ghibli Sport has a stripping device operating with belts and a programmable stacking system (optional) that allows the simultaneous stripping of 2 socks.

24 boarding forms with a quick release system to allow a very easy forms change. 

Machine operates 2 forms per cycle with a longer dwell time and a considerable quality improvement of products.


• Touch-screen display for the machine setting with the possibility to store working recipes; 

• Electronic self-diagnosis with errors or malfunctions visual messages; 

• Pneumatic device for a quick forms replacement;

• Steam chamber with quick locking/unlocking system to allow a optimum treatment at the maximum operating speed;

• Drying tunnel with hot air circulation heated by steam radiators;

• Belts stripping device;




• Programmable stacking system;

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