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Rider Station, sewing station for cardboard riders

Sewing station for cardboard riders on socks.

Sewing station specifically developed to apply a card rider on socks.

Sewing head Easy Rider is integrated with a cardboards magazine and with an electronic printer Rider Printer.

Socks are correctly placed with the help of a laser beam and a mechanical system moves them under the sewing machine.

Unloading system can be programmed for a single pack or a multi-pairs stack.




• Minimum sewing time for 5 stitches: 0,5 seconds

• Side knob for manual cycle facilitates all settings.

• Simple and efficient yarn feeding system with the possibility to set the thread length.

• Adjustable cardboard magazine to easily accommodate different sizes.

• Electronic printer for cardboards programmable by a  computer connection.

• Programmable unloading system with stacking possibility.


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