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Tecnopack + multipack 4-30 for socks packaging

Automatic modular line for the packaging of socks in multipair bag.

Automatic modular line for socks packaging with cardboard rider.

System, manually fed, can be equipped with the following working stations:


• Manual loading of paired socks flat or folded;

• Rider sewing by means of a Tecnopea EasyRider complete with cardboards magazine and electronic printer;

• Alternative option to the sewing by means of a swift tack device;

• Tuck-in hook feeding module complete with vibrating hopper;

• Stacking of pairs;

• Stacks formation and handling to prepare groups from 4 to 30 pairs;

• Bagging module producing bags from a polypropylene roll;

• Bag compression and sealing;




• High productivity;

• Multiple operations performed by a single operator;

• Performances and quality consistency;

• Customizable modular system;

• Flexibility of use;

• Advanced electronic handling to control the individual functions and storing the working parameters for each product;

• Remote access capability for extraordinary technical servicing;

TECNOPEA S.R.L. It reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the features of the machines shown on this site.