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Smartfold + smartbag + bpe, automatic packaging line

Automatic packaging line for stockings, knee-highs and pantyhose with polypropylene bags inserted in a paperboard envelope.

Automatic packaging line comprising of an automatic folding module SmartFold connected to a bagging unit SmartBag and to the PBE module

This system can be connected to the boarding machine or manually loaded from a dedicated conveyer.

A servo-motor on each conveyer of the folding module allows a fine tuning of folding length for each individual style to store into machine memory.

SmartBag has the possibility to adjust electronically  the bag width to process different sizes.



• Electronic folding settings;

• Option for pre-printed labels or for thermal printer; 

• PLC for the electronic control of all main functions; 

• Possibility to set all working parameters for each individual item;

• The system has an automatic diagnostic program with error messages and alarms; 

• Touch screen for all machine settings;




• Triangle for the polypropylene film pre-folding; 

• PBE closing by means of a label;

• Label dispenser (front side);

• Thermal transfer printer for direct printing onto polypropylene;

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