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medical stockings boarding machine SM12

Single form steam boarding machine for medical stockings and knee-highs.

The boarding machine boards (steam set and dry on a leg form) applies a wax transfer label, slits the stockings (Thigh Length only to create the space to insert a welt), and then doff individual stockings onto a carousel.Each stocking is loaded by an operator on a board form.
Each individual boarding form with a stocking will move automatically from the load station to the steam chamber to the drying chamber to the printing station to the slitting station, and to the doff points on a carousel.

N° 12 Boarding forms max dimensions: mm 190 x mm 1400

N° 1 steam chamber with adjustable pressure from 3 bars, with high thickness equipped with manometer for the inside pressure control and with condensate exhaust valve. Static seal with mechanic locking operated by pneumatic pistons and silicone gaskets. N° 1 forms capacity.

N° 1 Automatic stripping device with belt system. The stocking is deposited on the conveyer belt and then deposited onto the rotating basket or automatic wasted if identified by the operator as defective.

N° 1 PLC touch screen for the electronic control of all the main functions of the boarding cycle . Besides, the system is equipped with electronic auto-diagnosis displaying the possible mistakes and malfunctioning.

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