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Twin Pack, modular system socks packaging

Fully automatic modular system for socks packaging.

Modular system, connected to a boarding machine or manually fed, can be equipped with the following working stations:

• Socks reversing on line entrance ( toes or welts first); 
• Socks length measuring; 
• Reject of products out of tolerance; 
• Qty. 3 pairing heads; 
• Folding stations; 
• Rider sewing by means of a Tecnopea EasyRider complete with cardboards magazine and electronic printer; 
• Tuck-in hook feeding module complete with vibrating hopper; 
• Folding stations; 
• Stacking of pairs for multiple banding;
• Banding on 1, 2 or 3 pairs; 
• Stacking of single pairs for bagging; 
• Flow-Pack bagging for shipping pack; 


• High productivity; 
• Multiple operations automatically performed.(labor free); 
• Performances and quality consistency; 
• Customizable modular system; 
• Flexibility of use; 
• Advanced electronic handling to control the individual functions and storing the working parameters for each product; 
• Remote access capability for extraordinary technical servicing;

TECNOPEA S.R.L. It reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the features of the machines shown on this site.