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Auto Rider, semi-automatic sewing system

Semi-automatic sewing system to apply cardboard riders on socks.

Automatic system specifically developed to apply cardboard riders on socks with high positioning precision.
Operators, using two laser pointers, can position the products on working trays.
This allows a precise and consistent positioning of the sewing which is automatically operated.
Each pair of socks, with its cardboard rider, is held firmly in position by means of a locking mechanism till the end of the process.


• High Productivity;
• High positioning accuracy of the stitches;

• EasyRider sewing head fully electronic controlled;

• Loading trays complete with a holding mechanism for products;

• Qty. 2 laser beam pointers for a correct positioning; 

• PLC to control all machine’s functions;
• Touch-screen display to set the operating parameters;

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