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Easy Rider, sewing machine

Sewing machine for cardboard riders.

Easy Rider operates by means of a brush-less servo motor and it is equipped with a PLC for a fully electronic operation through a touch-screen display.
Integrated drive motor allows a very easy sewing machine installation on any table or support, without the need for an external transmission system,


• Minimum sewing time for 5 stitches: 0,5 seconds;
• Side knob for manual cycle facilitates all settings;
• LED lighting on sewing area (activated from display);
• Tilting system to easily access the bottom area for maintenance or settings;
• Simple and efficient yarn feeding system with the possibility to set the thread length;
• Machine start activated by the card rider pushing a reference edge. This edge can be easily adjusted to correct the stitches position;
• Brush-less servomotor for total driving control with acceleration and deceleration settings;
• Easy Rider is totally accessible from the sides for an easier maintenance; 

Touch-screen display functions:

• Variable sewing speed to suit different type of socks and card riders;
• Number of stitches (3-5-7);
• Using buttons shown in the maintenance area all movements can be independently activated;
• “Needle change / threading needle” function to release the yarn, lower the needle bar and automatically re-sets the machine on completion;
• Button to activate the stitch position settings with automatic machine re-setting on completion;
• Lighting LED activation;
• Production counter;

TECNOPEA S.R.L. It reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the features of the machines shown on this site.