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boarding forms in anticorodal alluminium

The boarding forms designed by us for our boarding machines are made out of Anticorodal alluminium

an alloy that resists to corrosion and allows the thermical exchange.
The boarding forms , in the Sock locking type, which is based upon our patented design, has a toothing on the leg that allows to block the length of the sock once this is positioned on the form. In order to obtain the best possible boarding results, it is possible, if required, to have a milling on the toe and the heel as shown beneath in the picture.
The maximum useful length for the boarding changes according to the different models of boarding machine, 360 mm for the Scirocco S, 560 mm for the Ghibli while it is 645 mm for the Scirocco L.

TECNOPEA S.R.L. It reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the features of the machines shown on this site.